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EssayHours Review | An Updated 2022 Review

EssayHours is the best place for all your essay needs. From custom writing services to guaranteed quality, they have everything you need!

EssayHours Company Overview

The EssayHours team is always trying new things to improve their service and recently added live support. They say it will be an incredible value-added care experience!

To ensure that customers always receive the best service possible, The EssayHours team is constantly looking for new ways to improve its offerings. They recently added a live support option and we think this will be an incredible value-added care experience!

EssayHours Login

Have you been looking for an essay writer who will help with your next project? Well, EssayHours is the perfect site. Sign up and create or use one of two options that say "Sign In" to link directly into another user's account!

The EssayHours makes it easier than ever to find and access any content on your device with just one login!

EssayHours Support

EssayHours new order feature is great because you can place your orders directly with the company. We found it easy enough, but there are some limitations if you don't have premium-level enabled!

I can just type in my problem and get an instant response, it's like they're reading my mind or something.

The agent we spoke to was friendly and helpful, asking all of the right questions about what type of paper is needed (there are 3). They also wanted clarification on formatting--whether they should get Chicago/APA style papers sent out? And how many sources totals would there be per page; 1 source seems like enough for me :)

EssayHours Writers

We were really happy to see that the essays our university got us at the end were well-written by authors who clearly knew what they were talking about; it gave us peace knowing how Orders will never be compromised because there are people like this working on behalf of our school.

EssayHours Discounts & Prices

Who doesn't love a good deal? EssayHours has got your back with their low prices and discounts for orders placed within two days of due dates!


If you need an essay quickly, EssayHours is the place for your needs. We offer affordable rates and work with all types of schedules so there's no problem!

EssayHours Revisions

EssayHours guarantees that you will be satisfied with their work. If for some reason the paper does not meet your standards, they have an unlimited number of revisions available to make sure it meets all requirements!

EssayHours Plagiarism

When I saw this paper, my first thought was “Plagiarism!” We ran it through Turnitin and Quetext--both reports came back with minor percentages of plagiarism. All citations were found to have been infringed upon which is insignificant in these cases (quotes/common words).


Need help with your next project? We've got it covered here at Essayhours. With over 100 writers and 50 different subject areas, there is sure to be someone for every type of essay or dissertation you want to be completed!

The paper I ordered from this site is absolutely incredible! It arrived on time and the customer support team helped me clarify anything.

EssayHours Reviews & Our Verdict

EssayHours is the perfect choice for those who have had enough of spending their time trying out companies only to be let down. After many failures, we found that Essaysleasing not only offered great prices but also top-quality workmanship in every respect!

Don't pay upfront, get instant help with your essay without any commitment. With The EssayHours program, you can be confident in getting quality work on time and only when it's needed--no more stressing over deadlines!

Is EssayHours legit?

Why spend hours writing when they can do it for you? Let EssayHours solve all of your essay needs.

I was skeptical at first, but with EssayHours amazing service, I'm a believer!

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