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EssayWriterNow Company Overview

The EssayWriterNow team is always trying new things, and they recently added live support. It’ll be an incredible value-added care experience!

The EssayWriterNow team is always striving to provide the best customer service experience. They recently added a live chat option and we think this will make your time with us even more enjoyable!

EssayWriterNow Login

EssayWriterNow is an online writing service that allows customers to sign up without even placing their orders. Customers can simply log in and press the login button, or if they lack this privilege then there's a create account option right next door which gives new users access immediately!

So, if you want to follow the EssayWriterNow login procedure, it is very easy. You can do it from your phone, tablet, or any other device.

EssayWriterNow Support

This is a rather impressive addition to the list of EssayWriterNow features, considering that they have an order form with some complicated fields. To test their support ourselves and deliver on our promise for honesty plus openness in reviews - we placed orders directly through customer service!

We had a great experience with EssayWriterNow. The live chat on their website is conveniently located in the bottom right corner and they responded quickly to our questions!

EssayWriterNow Writers

EssayWriterNow helps students find affordable essay help by hiring writers who are knowledgeable about the topic. Their team includes professionals with bachelor's degrees, masters’ dissertations, and doctorates!

EssayWriterNow Discounts & Prices

We were curious about these prices so we looked into it. It turns out that the price per page starts at $15 but you have to order more than five pages at once in order for this rate - which is an excellent benefit if your project requires significant work such as dissertation or research papers! The further ahead of time they are due, also meaning deadlines sooner will cost less no matter what day they fall on since there's less demand right now (and thus lower costs).


When you order an essay from EssayWriterNow, there are several deadlines available. You can get your paper delivered in as little time as 6 hours or up to two months with the University level essays and research papers too!

EssayWriterNow Revisions

EssayWriterNow offers unlimited revisions of their orders. If you're not satisfied with the paper after submitting it for review, send them back and they'll gladly adjust what needs editing!

EssayWriterNow Plagiarism

Not only did we run the papers through a plagiarism detector, but also Quetext and WriteCheck to make sure there are no citations or common words. Both orders passed with minor percentages of plagiarism- mostly just highlighted as "plagiarized," which is insignificant!


  • The site is very intuitive; the order form is easy to fill;
  • The paper was ready before the deadline;
  • The support team was very helpful;
  • The quality of the 6-hour order was impressive for such urgency.

EssayWriterNow Reviews & Our Verdict

We were really impressed by the quality of our paper. It was exactly what we needed and at an affordable price! The customer support team also responded quickly, which is always nice when you need help with something important like writing essays or researching for exams (especially since they're not even supposed to be practicing law).

Is EssayWriterNow legit?

We can confirm that EssayWriterNow is a legitimate service. They offer great prices and professional writers who are dedicated to meeting all of your needs!

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